SPECIAL PROMOTION FOR HOME OFFICES AND SMALL BUSINESSES - valid until 3/31/14. Purchase a pair of planters or a single accent planter for your home office or small business and receive 6 months of maintenance for FREE. Call 503-877-3412 today or use the CONTACT page. Minimum planter price of $500.

Accent Planters

Planters rule! They are living sculptures. Use planters to enhance your business entrance, anchor a garden bed, or enliven a special event. With the right planning, outdoor planters can last for many years and are often the ideal solution for smaller garden spaces, storefronts, or decks.  From the darkest corner to the most sun-blasted sidewalk, we can find plant combinations that will thrive in your site. Terraccord works with skilled metalworkers, carpenters, and masons to offer custom-designed and fabricated planters to our clients.