"Work [that] is more than landscaping--  it is holistic, filled with vitality, and joyful." - Find more testimonials here.

From design to bloom, we have you covered.  Terraccord's holistic, resource-conscious approach to landscaping integrates many specialties and services.  Among them are:

DESIGN: Custom designs for unique people and places.  In-depth, multi-seasonal planting designs resulting from client meetings, site analysis, soil testing, and designated themes. 

ORGANIZATION: project planning, contracting, project management, new home assessment.

PROBLEM SOLVING: water management and drainage strategies, soil amending, soil testing, mycoremediation, pruning, invasive plant strategies, xeriscaping.

BUILDING SERVICES: gazebos, pergolas, fences, raised beds, driveways, pathways, retaining walls, upcycling.

OUTDOOR LIVING:  water features, patios, decks, walkways, firepits, drive strips, benches, permeable pavers, boulders.

HORTICULTURE: planting, transplanting, NW native plants, plant identification, permaculture guild strategies, rare and unusual plants, companion plants.

MAINTENANCE: Seasonal, monthly, or bi-weekly checkups on your garden using organic landscaping strategies.

SPECIALTY GARDENS:  Certified Backyard Habitat, healing gardens and medicinal plants with herbalism coaching, permaculture, coastal gardens, alpine gardens, naturescaping, child and pet friendly gardens, edible landscapes, special needs interactive gardens.

ACCENTS: planters, low-voltage lighting, water-wise irrigation, custom stonework, living walls, mosaic, succulents, cast concrete.


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